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Join us for the Paris Mobile Photography Week and Tribegram Photo Challenge

Organized by Tribegram, The Mobile Photography Week in Paris will be held from the 13th October until the 21st October 2012. To celebrate this event, an international photo challenge will be running from the 24th September until the 19th October, and we're please to announce that Starmatic has been selected as one of the ways you can enter.

The photo competition is broken down in to six categories, Landscapes, Street, Asbtract, Black and White, Selective Color (Sponsored by MacPhun Software ColorStrokes), and Portrait. The winners will then be selected and rewarded by the sponsors, and featured on Tribegram website and in the first issue of Tribegram's online magazine.

To join in the fun, and take part in the Tribegram Photo Challenge, simply download the Starmatic app from the App Store, then upload your images to Starmatic, using the following # tags:

  • For Portrait : Please tag #tribegram_portraitawards
  • For Landscape : Please tag #tribegram_landscapeawards
  • For Abstract :Please tag #tribegram_abstractawards
  • For BW : Please tag #tribegram_bwawards
  • For Street Photography : Please tag #tribegram_streetphotoawards
  • For Selective colors : Please tag #ColorStrokes_ParisAwards

For rules and more information on the Tribegram Photo Challenge and Paris Mobile Photography Week, head over to

To coincide with, and to celebrate our involvement in this photo challenge, we are (for a limited time) giving away our premium, 10 filter Starmachrome film available for FREE.


What the iPhoneography blog has to say about Starmatic

Starmatic could become a serious alternative to Instagram, for those iPhoneographers who are looking for one.

Glyn Evans, editor of the iPhoneography blog


What Nicholas Carron from We Are Juxt has to say about Starmatic

Upon opening the app for the first time, there is an immediate sense that the Starmatic team not only understood the niche benefits of reviving a legendary brand, they utilized their various backgrounds in design, fashion, photography, advertising and previous business pursuits to create a handheld, interactive product that is visually appealing and tempts exploration.

Nicholas Carron, We Are Juxt


Starmatic, “just aim and snap”


Starmatic, reborn for the digital age

In April 1959 Kodak introduced the Brownie Starmatic camera, which remained in production until 1961, when it was replaced by the Starmatic II. In August 1963, production of the Starmatic II stopped, and the 4 year reign of Kodaks then premium Star camera came to an end, but not before selling over 10 million units worldwide.

In September 2012, and after months of hard work and beta testing, Arnaud de Lummen, Jean-Philippe Evrot and Paul Saint Bris (supported by the developer Thomas Landspurg) relaunched Starmatic for a new generation of photographers, iPhoneographers (people who enjoy shooting, editing and sharing their photos via their iPhones).

Starmatic is an easy-to-use, yet powerful toy-camera app that offers an alternative photo-sharing experience to other similar community based, photography apps.

Available today from the App Store, Starmatic was developed for a community who really want to express their photographic talent and be inspired by amazing photos from others.

Today, Starmatic offers…

  • Innovative user interface with scroll features between pictures
  • Import your pictures in any format: square, landscape or portrait
  • Change instantly between camera films, with each film offering some of the most stunning filters available in the App Store
  • Filter and save your filtered photos direct to your camera roll, post them on Starmatic and share them on Facebook or Twitter, if you wish
  • Repost/share other members photos and easily track/organise favourites. Instantly see others members most liked and favoured photos
  • Discovery section highlighting trending tags, photos near you and most interesting users of the moment
  • Search/browsing tool, that lets you easily find pictures, tags and users and display the results on one screen
  • Customise your own profile screen
  • Log in or sign up with one click using Facebook or Twitter, or sign up with an email address

Starmatic Film Rolls

  • Default 16 filter Starmacolor (FREE)
  • Premium 10 filter Starmachrome (available as in-app purchase)